DDA and Children Policies

Active Hampshire is a not-for-profit, adult’s only social club for graduates, professionals and like minded people.

Prospective members are welcome to attend any events in this programme.

Remember every member of IVC is encouraged to organise at least 2 events per year for the club programme!


Policies regarding access to events and event attendance

Disability Discrimination Act for Private Members’ Clubs

Active Hampshire makes every effort where possible to provide events that are available to members with disabilities.  Please note that due to the nature of the club (i.e. a multi-activity club); there are some activities where it would not be suitable for some people who have a disability to attend.  If you are hosting an event and you are aware that there is disabled access available, please include this information in your event write up.  If you have a disability and would like to attend an event but are unsure whether it would be possible, please contact the host for clarification.  Hosts should be able to either: provide this information, find out this information, or provide contact details for you to find out this information with the venue directly.

Children and events

Events exclusive to Active Hampshire members and guests are generally not suitable for children. Where children are welcome at an event, the designated organiser will include text in the event description to reflect this. It is possible that children may attend events stated as not exclusive to Active Hampshire members and guests or public events as listed in the bulletin, unless the organiser has stated otherwise. Please check with the event organiser first, should you wish to bring children to an event.




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