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Organised by Bob Clifford


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We're serious about having fun and we don't just want to keep it to ourselves!

We're always looking for new members to join us, so they can meet new people, try out new activities and above all, have a great time!  Browse our website to get a flavour of the excitement and camaraderie that Basingstoke Friends can offer you.

Absolut Ice Bar, London  Sailing Weekend    Walking Group

Join now for only £15 per year!


Be Part of a Friendly Crowd ...

Basingstoke Friends events are organised so that members can easily get to know each another in a relaxed and friendly enviroment. Basingstoke Friends  really is the club where activities and people mix.

Come along to a weekly Club Night, held every Tuesday at the Maidenhead Inn in Winchester Street from 8.30pm onwards.

Meet Club members and discover what joining as a full member of  Basingstoke Friends could do for you!

Depending on space, we are normally near the front of the pub and have an "Basingstoke Friends " table sign for you to look out for.

As a prospective member we offer you FREE membership for the remainder of the current month that you have enquired in.  Free membership provides you:

  • Access to our bulletin, packed full of events!
  • The chance to try a few of the exciting events in the calendar.
  • The opportunity to meet existing members before deciding to join.

When we receive your enquiry form for membership, you will be sent an Basingstoke Friends welcome pack by post which includes a membership form where you can apply for full membership.   This allows us to meet our committment to our Public Liability Insurers to confirm your home address. 

We will endeavor to get our New Members information to you within 2 days, however please understand that our committee members are all volunteers and occassionally they may not be able to respond to you so quickly. Please allow at least seven days and if you still haven't received a response email 

Prospective Members are regarded as "guests" at all club events and occasionally priority will be given to full club members and/or differential charges applied to club events. The Prospective Membership carries no voting rights or other privilages within the Club.


Applying for Full Membership

You can apply for full membership at any time during your first months free membership trial period.  We encourage prospective members to have attended at least three events (including Club Nights) and be known to two committee members before paying the subscription. This gives you the opportunity to attend a variety of events before deciding whether or not you would like to join.  It also gives us the chance to get to know you a little better.

£15 Single Membership per year

Full membership offers you:

  • A weekly email event bulletin full of exciting events!
  • Access to Basingstoke Friends  on Facebook.
  • Third Party Public Liability Insurance for all events you organise and attend.
  • An extensive event calendar from IVC clubs across the UK.
  • Event subsidies for pre-approved events.
  • Access to the members area of the Club website.
  • Membership of the Basingstoke Friends Meet Up Group

And all for only £15 per year!

Data Protection Act:  Basingstoke Friends abides by the principles of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018. We respect your privacy and will never knowingly disclose any of your details to any third party.  The information you supply will only be used for purposes of club administration in accordance with the principles of the GDPR. By completing the enquiry form, you will have consented to, and accept responsibility for, having these registration details recorded in a database for the purposes of Group administration. If the details are not your own, then you may also be held responsible for any errors, omissions or failure to obtain permission to register any of the information supplied.