Committee 2017-18

Below are the contact details for the 2017-18 Club Committee members with a portfolio. There are also other members of the club who help the Committee but have not been listed below. The members of the Committee are all volunteers that are elected from among the membership at the Annual General Meeting in February.


Webmaster / Comms Bob C
Looks after the content of the website including event calendar.    
Events Co-ordination All Committee Officers
Gather and encourage members to organise events for the club calendar and help to ensure a varied programme.    
Liaison Bob C
The main contact for the Association of IVCs (AIVC) and other IVC groups. Promotes contact with local clubs to encourage a wider range of activities for the club program.    


Membership & Publicity
Jane S
Contact for queries about membership of the Club and new nember information. Also controls the Club’s membership system, including processing of subscription renewals.    


Treasurer Bob C
Looks after the records of payments for new and existing members and deals with the club finances.    
Secretary Morag C
Records committee meeting minutes and handles external and inter-club correspondence.    
Chairman & President Bob C
Chairs the club Committee and General meetings and ensures the Club is run in the interests of all the members.

The president is normally a past (or present) committee member who has had significant experience of every role on the Committee.  The role of President is confered by a General Meeting of the club and is expected to provide advice to Committee members where required or requested.



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