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Meetup - Surrey Social (Formerly West Surrey IVC)

West Surrey Inter-Varsity Club (WSIVC) is a non-profit making social club and multi-activity club for graduates and professional people. The club provides its members with a wide variety of social, recreational, cultural and sporting activities. WSIVC is run by the members for the members and has no political, racial or religious affiliations. If you live in the Surrey area and wish to meet new people, make new friends, try new social activities, and open the door to a fun and active social life, why not consider joining WSIVC?

All our events are organised by members for members. We encourage everyone to organise something at least once per year. Now only £12 per year which works out at £1 per month There is no additional charge to attend any WSIVC event, except for entrance fees or activity costs, eg museums, cinemas, bowling - ALL our walks are free!!!

As from 1 April we will be charging our meetup members but events will be free to our WSIVC members who have paid the annual membership fee.

We don't advertise all our events on our Meetup pages, but you can get details of everything we do by visiting our website www.wsivc.org.uk

Meetup Diary

From: Thu 21 Feb 2019
5 events listed.

MEAL AT PHO GUILDFORD  Meetup Sat 23 Feb 2019  @ 19:30
PHO, Tunsgate, Guildford

WATCH THE SIX NATIONS RUGBY FINALE  Meetup Sat 16 Mar 2019  @ 12:00
The Stoke Pub, 103 Stoke Rd, Guildford

POOL AT THE BIG APPLE  Meetup Sat 23 Mar 2019  @ 19:30
The Big Apple, Crown Square, Woking

MEAL AT MARCIANO LOUNGE  Meetup Sat 30 Mar 2019  @ 18:30
Marciano Loounge, 4 -7 Albion house, Commercial Way, Woking

DRINKS AT HAND AND SPEAR WEYBRIDGE  Meetup Sat 13 Apr 2019  @ 20:00
Hand and Spear, Old Heath Rd, Weybridge

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